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Hyrule Warriors by FantasticLeo
Hyrule Warriors
Character: Impa & Sheik
Game: Hyrule Warriors
Sheik by: nanaIchiigo
Impa by myself
Picture by Minum's Stuff (FB)

Woooohaaa another Impa Picture this time with my superfantastic Sheik nanaIchiigo <3
I'm so in love with this picture because I think it's PERFECT!
Minum's Stuff did such a great job with it!!

The cosplays are made by ourselfs.
I used Linen for the fabric and Worblas Finest Art for the armor parts and the naginata.
The wig is a frontlace one where I added the typical Hairline and styling needed.

I hope you like the picture too because I LOVE IT!

If you are interested in WIP or other shots of the cosplay check out my FB-Page!
Hyrulean Captain - Impa by FantasticLeo
Hyrulean Captain - Impa
Character: Impa
Game: Hyrule Warriors
Cosplay made and worn by myself
Picture by my awesome friend greengreencat

Aaaaand another new cosplay I worked on for the last months.
I can remember when I saw her in one of the first pictures of the Hyrule Warrior Game I loved her design. But when I started to play the game it decided that I definetly need to cosplay her. 
She is a typical type of character I instantly fall in love with. Strong, on point and wielding a superlarge Weapon <3

The armor and Naginata parts are made of Worbla Finest Art, the fabric is linen.
The wig is a lacefront one where I added the typical Hairline and styling needed.

Even if I don't feel that comfortable in the costume I still love the design and details of it.
Hope you like it too :)

If you are interested in WIP or other Shots check out my FB Page: CLICK HERE
Your will, my hands! by FantasticLeo
Your will, my hands!
Character: Lee Sin (SKT T1 Skin)
Game: League of Legends
Cosplay made and worn by myself
Picture by Embo Cosplay Photography

NEW COSPLAY - and again a man because I can!

As the Skin was released a year ago I totally was hyped by it. Love the whole design so much.
And yea... Pretty fast I made a decision: a new cosplay needs to be made.

Everything is sewn by myself and I am pretty proud of it because normally I am more or less a sewing noob.
The headset and wings are made out of Worblas Finest Art.
And beard. I love beards. The whole cosplay took me about 2 weeks.

Pictures is made by the superawsome Embo Cosplay Photography (go and check him out)

Hope you like it even if it is nothing too spectacular this time :)

More pictures can be found at my FB-Page
Chosen of the Sun - Leona by FantasticLeo
Chosen of the Sun - Leona
Cosplay made and worn by myself: :iconfantasticleo:
Superawsome Picture as always by Mr. Fabulous: :icongreengreencat:

Mustache Poro Icon/Emote 

Oh my, I was shocked to see that I didn't upload my favourite shot of the shooting with Greenie in August <3
It was the first time I wore Leona and it was HOT. Hottest day of the year. Therefore I have to say I look good for all the sweating.
Even with all the armor parts and the huge shield it is one of my more comfortable costumes (at least not as exhausting as Uriel).

Everything was made in about three months. It is made out of Worbla Finest Art and insolation foam.
I made all by myself, inclusive the sewing (I HATE sewing). Hope you like it as much as I do :)

If you want to see WIP/other Leona Pic or Cosplay of mine check out my FB-Page: CLICK HERE!
I will protect you! by FantasticLeo
I will protect you!
"Next time, try to leave a dent."
- Leona, the Radiant Dawn

Cosplay made by myself FantasticLeo
Picture made by magnificient greengreencat

New picture of my Leona Cosplay <3 Ahhh, I love it so much Raindow dance 
All in all the construction of the cosplay took about 3 months. The armor and shield is mostly made out of Craftfoam, Pink Insolation Foam and Worbla Finest Art. The whole cosplay was done by myself (includes the sewing stuff :'D). 
Hope you guys like it (I definetly do!).

If you would like to see some WIP Pictures or are interested in my other works follow me on my FB-Page: FantasticLeoCosplay

Hello everyone and welcome to my DeviantArt page! :happybounce: 

UPDATE: FINALLY CHANGED MY NAME TO FantasticLeo here too :) So don't be confused if you clicked onto "Ollowein" ;)

Currently I am called Ollowein at DeviantArt (because old Account and so on) but mostly you will find my via the Name "Fantastic Leo" at the Internet.

My passion is Cosplay and the whole process of creating a costume from the favourite characters of mine (mostly out of Video Games). I am cosplaying since nearly three years now (let's say I do it with all my heart since two years) and I hope you all like my costumes as much as I do. Thanks for everything! 

You can also check out my Facebookpage where I post a lot of progress: Fantastic Leo Cosplay

Have a great day, fellas :)
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nanaIchiigo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Danke fürs watchen und so :3
Wirst gleich mal zurück gestalkt :D
Lyderc Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Starting to stalk you.
i'm going to use your Tyrant Swain cosplay as my objetive and inspiration. Tottaly amazing job, i hope mine will be at least close to yours ^^
FantasticLeo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh myyy...  La la la la 
Thank you soo much for your kind words!! They mean a lot to me!! And I am sure you will do an awsome job and I definetly am going to stalk you too because I want to see it as soon as it is finished! :happybounce: 
LazarusDeCain Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
na endlich hier auch als Leo bekannt :D
FantasticLeo Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Haha ja, war mir selbst ja lange genug geizig :D Jetzt stimmts dann endlich überall ;)
crimson-carnival Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ich wollte nur sagen, dass ich dein Swain cosplay absolut bewundere! Ich hab' dich auf der Gamescom live betrachten dürfen, und ich war einfach sprachlos. Wahnsinn. Großes Kompliment nochmal. :) Ich hab' mich in meinem mickrigen Ahri cosplay gar nicht getraut dich anzusprechen haha. 
FantasticLeo Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hei :)

Aber, aber.. Mickrig ist ein Cosplay nie. In jedem Cosplay steckt jede Menge Schweiß, Tränen und Herzblut mit drin :) Und ich kann mich nur an supertolle Ahris erinnern und da warst du sicher dabei!!

Und wow, danke vielmals <3 Ich freu mich immer wenn es Leuten gefällt :D Gerade weil Swain ja nicht so der bekannte/beliebte Champ ist! Sweating a little... 

Keine Angst ich beiße nicht :D Bist du diese Jahr auch wieder auf der GC? :happybounce: 
crimson-carnival Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Na ja es war bestimmt nicht das Beste, aber ich bin trotzdem stolz drauf gewesen. :) 
Hier ein Bild, vielleicht kannst du dich ja noch an mich erinnern:…
Ist leider eines der einzigen Fotos, das ich vom Event habe. Ich wollt mich nicht durch die zahlreichen Animexx Ordner quälen.

Nun ja, Swain ist einer meiner Lieblingschampions, schon allein wegen seiner Hintergrundgeschichte. :) Deshalb fand ich den Cosplay besonders beeindruckend. 

Dieses Jahr wird es sich bei mir leider nicht ausgehen, da ich mir überlegt habe vielleicht auf die nächste IEM in Köln zu fahren. :)
FantasticLeo Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yaaay ich kann mich ein dein bällchen erinnern :D Und die Öhrchen :)
Und sieht eh super aus! Na bitte... Und das mit Animexx kenn ich xD Dafür bin ich auch immer zu faul :P

UUUhhh, man freut sich immer einen anderen Swain-Fan zu treffen <3 Ich liebe ihn seit seinem Release; hab sogar mal ne Fanfic zu seinem Background geschrieben :D Er ist einfach ein ultimativ toller Champion (Design, Gameplay, Story!)!! Hoffe mal dass der DragonMaster Swain bald erscheint :D Der steht bei mir definitv noch auf der Liste!

IEM ist sicherlich toll O_O Ich wär ja so gerne nach Paris zu den AllStars gefahren aber da Riot französische Live-Kommentatoren haben ist auch doof :/ 
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greengreencat Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013   Photographer
Du hast mich sogar auf DA gefunden xD
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